What are Huck Tokens?

Huck Tokens are digital tokens that have value based on Huck products and services

They can be bought and sold for currency (FIAT) and used for transactions on the Huck Reward platform. The transactions are fast, verified, legitimate and a great way to invest in the Huck Adventures and its community.

You can either purchase Huck Tokens or earn them by contributing to the Huck Community. Once acquired, Huck Tokens are stored in your Digital Wallet until you want to exchange them for cash OR exclusive Huck products and services.

With HUCK being the FIRST digital token reward system for the outdoor industry we can build our Community while giving you the ability to share what you love to do and be rewarded while doing it!

Who is the Huck token for?

Competitive Advantage

Huck is for EVERYONE! No matter if you are an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Content Creator, a Human Verifier, or a Bug Sleuth, there is a place in the Huck Community for you. We need all your skills!

Outdoor Enthusiast

An outdoor enthusiast is someone who enjoys outdoor recreation in all of its many forms. Come join the Huck Community and be rewarded for it!

Content Creator

A content creator is someone who enjoys sharing their experiences, thoughts and ideas with other people. Come join the Huck Community and be rewarded for it!

Human Verifier/Bug Sleuth

A human verifier/bug sleuth is someone who sees the details and loves to check the facts. Share those skills with the Huck Community and be rewarded for it!


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors, and partnerships, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve:


Huck is the FIRST Outdoor Recreation App rewarding users for their contributions to the Huck Community

Verification Icon

Verification First

Content is verified for authenticity using Google’s AI framework prior to being accepted on the Huck App.

Cash IN or Cash OUT

Cash IN: Huck Tokens for use on the Huck Reward Platform!
Cash OUT: Huck Tokens exchanged for money!

Reinvest in the Outdoors

Transaction fees for token exchanges go directly to the outdoor non-profit of your choice!

Global Marketplace

Huck Token has no borders. No matter where you go, Huck will be with you every outdoor leap of the way!

Content Creator Icon

Content Creation

Doing all the things you enjoy sharing on Social Media now but on the Huck platform you’re rewarded!

Transparent Payments

Huck Tokens are built upon the ERC-20 Token model ensuring all transfers reach their intended recipient.


The Leadership Team

The Crypto Team combines a passion for the outdoors, industry expertise, development, marketing, and licensing.

Ben Nelson
Aaron Cash
CIO / Blockchain Expert
James Blain
Sara Baunger
Anton Karpenko
App Developer
John Landry
Advisor | HP Fellow
Mike Ye
Advisor | Strategic Investments & Acquisitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the FAQ’s broken into sections. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to us via the contact form below.

How do I buy Huck Token?

You can purchase Huck Tokens exclusively on this site once the crowdsale begins. You will need to have a crypto wallet manage your Huck Tokens (see next question). Sign up for updates via the newsletter signup at the bottom of the page.

How do I create a wallet?

We recommend MyEtherWallet because it is a free, client-side interface. Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/, click on “Create a New Wallet,” follow the prompts to create MEWconnect, add add your Huck Tokens.

How do I transfer Huck Tokens?

Transfers are easy, secure, and made through your crypto wallet.

How do I sell Huck Tokens?

You can sell Huck Tokens on the Cryptocurrency Exchange that offers Huck Tokens once that feature is enabled.

Can anyone participate in the presale?

Yes! Anyone can participate in the presale and crowdsale.

When is the Pre-Sale?

Huck Tokens will be available for pre-sale starting October 28, 2019 and the presale will end November 28, 2019. We will be rewarding early buyers by adding an additional amount of tokens to your account depending upon how early you buy.

What is the Presale Bonus Structure?

Week 1: 30%, Week 2: 25%, Week 3: 20%, Week 4: 15%, Example: In Week 1, you buy 2000 Huck Tokens, and you receive 2600 Huck Tokens. Presale and Crowdsale Sale Phase#1 participants will receive an additional 10% Token Bonus ON TOP of any other bonuses, added to your account on Listing Day!

When do I get my Huck Token?

Immediately upon purchase or earning them. Presale bonuses will be distributed after the presale ends. Crowdsale bonuses will be distributed after the crowdsale is completed.

When is the Crowdsale?

Once the presale ends November 28, 2019, the Crowdsale will run through December 30, 2019. We will be rewarding early buyers by adding an additional amount of tokens to your account depending upon how early you buy.

What is the Crowdsale Bonus Structure?

Week 5/6: 10%, Week 7/8: 5%

What is the Huck Token?

A digital token that has value based on Huck products & services. They can be bought & sold for currency and exchanged for things on the Huck Reward platform.

How can I use Huck Token?

The same way you use currency but only on the Huck Reward Platform.

Why an ERC-20 Token?

The standards that are required for ERC-20 ensure that each Token gets to its intended recipient.

Can I share my Huck Token?

Yes! Just send it via your crypto wallet to other Huck users.

What can I buy with Huck Token?

Huck Token will be able to be redeemed for rewards through the Huck Reward Platform or cashed out for fiat. Eventually, rewards on the platform will include adventure deals from travel providers, new equipment, and exclusive swag.

How can I earn Huck Token?

You can earn Huck Tokens by contributing to the Huck Adventures community, including writing gear reviews, blog posts, promoting the Huck App, bug sleuthing, and submitting content.

How can I cash out?

You can Cash OUT using your crypto wallet.

How do I cash in?

You can Cash IN using your crypto wallet.


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